How to Prepare for your

Senior Session

My goal is to capture your style and personality, so the most important thing for you to do is just be yourself. 


What to Expect

Many high schoolers have never experienced a professional portrait session before their senior pictures. So everybody feels a little nervous and awkward to start. You don’t know where to put your hands. You don’t know know how to stand. That’s normal! Don’t worry – I’ll walk you through it and those jitters won’t last long!

Once we’re at our location I’ll look around to find spots with great lighting. I’ll show you where and how to stand, sit, or lean and tell you what to do with your hands. Then I’ll take a few shots, adjusting my composition and angle, and your pose slightly each time. After a minute or two, we’ll find another spot, moving quickly, and changing outfits & poses along the way. I promise not to use any complicated model posing.

Planning for your session

  • Location(s): I have a variety of locations in the area based on your personal preference. Think about whether you want something at a park (trails, greenery, trees), rustic (open fields, wooden fences, country roads), urban (downtown, artsy, architecture). We can also get a little creative and try new locations!

  • If you wear glasses, see if you can get a similar pair without lenses in. Glare from glasses is difficult to Photoshop, and transitional lenses make it impossible to see your eyes outdoors, so if you can’t get a pair without lenses, I recommend contacts, or we will have to take a photo with and without glasses on for every single pose we do.

  • If you want a brighter smile, start a teeth whitening regimen early!


The week before your Senior Session

  • Iron clothing & put each outfit on a hanger. Include corresponding accessories and jewelry (in a ziplock bags) on each hanger.

  • Gather & clean props. Musical instruments/cars/bikes should be shiny! If you’re including a pet, give them a bath!

  • Drink lots of water all week long. It’ll help your skin look it’s best.

  • Get lots of sleep all week long, and especially the night before your session.

  • Apply chap stick all week long. Chapped lips are impossible to photoshop – so this goes for you too guys!!

  • Ladies – wait until the night before if painting your nails.

  • Guys – if you’re going to shave, do it the night before your session to give time for any redness to go away.

The day of your Senior Session

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Make sure your hands & nails are clean, eyebrows groomed…all of the little things matter when this photo will be enlarged and hung on your parents wall for decades to come!

  • Eat well before your session. Don’t come hungry! Bring a bottle of water and a snack.

  • Bring a pair of flip flops / comfortable shoes for walking in between locations 

  • Ladies – bring makeup for touch ups, specifically powder and lipstick.

  • Accessories- bring necklaces, scarfs, hats, and any other unique items that can bring a pop to your wardrobe ! I can help you mix & match the best items

  • I will bring some props, chairs, and other items  

Be true to yourself & wear pieces that make you comfortable! 

Need wardrobe inspiration??

Check out my pinterest board for what to wear ideas:

Girls :


The #1 most important thing you can do to prepare for your senior session?! Come with an open mind, a positive attitude, and ready to have fun!