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Engagement| Brooke & Jake

Classic Love story here...They met on tinder! 

It took a few weeks of talking online for Brooke to make sure he wasn't a stalker, craigslist killer,  or some weirdo. SO after playing a little hard to get, they ended up meeting in person for their first date...and the rest was history!


The sweetest proposal happened next. 

They were visiting Brooke's hometown on Grandview Drive which is a really pretty street that overlooks the city of Peoria and the river.

They were were on their way to meet some friends for lunch, but ended up getting a text from another friend who said their car broke down and needed a jump.

As they drive up there to find them, Jake pulls over and stops all of a sudden.


Her first response was "You're going to make them wait in the 90 degree weather while you stop?!"...Obviously, she was clueless. His response was something along the lines of, "maybe they're not actually broken down"... He came around and got her out of the car and popped the question right there at one of the beautiful lookout spots overlooking the city.

They even had a small audience of a family who was having a picnic nearby,who clapped and cheered for them!

She was crying and smiling sooo big. Meanwhile, he tried to put the ring on her right hand, lol! 

Their friends' car was obviously not broken down and he had them in on the whole thing!

I had a blast with these two love birds, in Tower Grove Park. They are both huge goof balls & made the session a lot of fun!!

Can't wait for their June wedding!  

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