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Top 3 MUST HAVES for your New Baby

Hey all!! This is of two & owner of LDT Photography located in downtown Belleville IL (just outside St. Louis)

Not sure what to put on your baby registry?? I’ve got you covered. These 3 items below are a MUST-HAVE for new parents!! Check out my tried and true products to have ready before you bring baby home from hospital.

1) Amazon Shusher

Clients have called me a "baby whisper." I truly couldn't do it without the help of white noise to create a soothing,calm enivornment. This is my top must have! I use this in my studio for every newborn session. It’s battery operated so you can take it on the go anywhere. I would definitely get 2…one for your house and 1 for the diaper bag (car rides, grandmas house, and more).

2) Utility Cart

This is a lifesaver. Having all your essentials in one location is SUPER important. I don’t know about you but I hate running around to different rooms of our house trying to find something. This will be your one stop shop for baby. Store Diapers, wipes, pacifiers, moisturizer, vaseline, hand sanitizer… you name it. The portable cart helps declutter and save time searching for things.

3) Baby Lounger

Lastly, is this cute little lounger. This comes in handy for so many situations! Whether getting baby dressed, changing diapers, playing, and more...this lounger has a lot of uses. During your newborns session, I use this lounger to keep baby comfy in between poses, while wrapping baby, outfit changing, and more. I do not know what I would do without it.

I sure hope these tips help all the new parents out there. Congratulations on your little one!!!!

Cutest little Bub!! Dark Blue & Neutrals | Illinois Newborn Photographer

So I just have to start off by saying this guy was a real unicorn baby (what us newborn photogs call incredibly sleepy babes). He literally slept the whole session and I got so many sweet images of him!! I love them all, especially the black and whites at the end. I was trying to wake him up at the very end to get just 1 awake shot. This little guy had other plans LOL.

He must have loved the soothing sounds and warm air in the studio. He was sleeping so good and showed me what he thought about me trying to wake him up (scroll to the last set of images to see). Too cute <3

Baby Boy Newborn Studio Session + In Home Lifestyle

So this little guy was just a dream baby. I am loving the mix of relaxed and posed looks for his session. For a BONUS we even checked out his adorable woodland nursery, which is a mix of light blue, metal, and custom wooden decor. Mom and Dad did such a great job putting it together…just had to show it off!!

PS. Can you guess which parent is the beetles fan and who is the superhero fan ? =)

Just can’t get enough of this cuties images!! Enjoy =)

Caleb Newborn Session

When this little guy came in the studio, I was so excited....and that adorable!!!! The cutest cheeks + the sleepiest dude = an amazing session. He totally rocked his session and I seriously could have snuggled him all day!! 


I am so thrilled to capture these moments for this sweet family!!


Newborn Girl| St. Louis MO-Belleville IL

I just loved working with this sweet family!  The thing I have noticed about second babies is how much more relaxed mom is. In my experience, it often makes a difference in our shoot! 


Ramzie, whose name has a special meaning to dad & mom, was the most perfect baby for her session. Never fussed and was just really calm! I think it absolutely has to do with 2 things. Mommy followed the prep guide I sent and baby feeds off our energy and patience.

Now, luckily I was able to easily pose sweet Ramzie... but that's not always the case. If I have a fussier baby that's not a problem! I am specially trained in newborns, so I really pay attention to how they react to the pose. If they don't like being on their stomach for instance, then I will move them into the next pose. I never force baby to be in a position that makes them uncomfortable. 

They ordered a gorgeous 16 x 20 Mounted Print of the image below!! Isn't it gorgeous!! I love when parents choose beautiful wall art of their babies to hang up!! 


I am so thankful for having parents that trust me completely with their newborn. Mom & Dad feel so blessed to have two sweet little girls and I just loved being able to capture this moment in time for them.



Engagement| Crystal & Bodrick

These 2 are the sweetest! I hope you enjoy their story as much as me! 

When Crystal was attending her first year of college. She remembers sitting in english class with a friend debating if she should stay in class and be late for work or leave class early, get lunch, and then (still) be late for work. I’m sure you all can guess that answer. It was a warm beautiful day, so her and her friend decided to eat outside for lunch.

That’s when she remembers seeing him. He had beautiful curly hair that bounced with every move he made. He had beautiful eyes. The kind that you could get lost in, and she guess I did. She forgot to breathe for a moment when she realized he too was staring back at her. Now her friend oddly enough, knew him. They both started catching up while she awkwardly avoided any eye contact with him (LOL).

She knew she couldn't leave until she know his name. And then, she heard it. She repeated his name (in her head) a thousand times just so she wouldn’t forget. But, who could forget a name like Bodrick? While she was repeating his name over & over, she realized she was going to be more than just a little late to work. She quickly said bye and rushed off to work. But then she remembered, she never told him her name!

She walked that same path for about three weeks straight in hopes of seeing him again, but never did. One day, she sat outside, close to that same spot and decided to check her phone.  She had an unread message on facebook. She slowly opened the message and it was from him!! The message read, “I think you’re so beautiful.” She looked up, and there he was sitting in that same spot from where she saw him the first time. The rest was history.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How did he find out my name? So, this crazy kid stalked my friend, found out what my name was, and searched for me on facebook. How could I not fall in love with that determination? Still in love with that determination four years later.


Tell us about the proposal : We had just gotten back from our weekly date night. Every saturday, we either go to a movie that we both want to see or dinner. Nothing too major, but we always look forward to Saturdays. Anyway, we had gotten home and it was late. The movie was longer than we anticipated. So, I was very tired. I started getting ready for bed. I was no longer in my cute cardigan, or perfectly lined eyeliner. I was now in cat pajamas, glasses, and hair in a messy bun. I remember him calling me in the bedroom. He was being extra funny tonight like funnier than usual if that makes sense. I even remember thinking to myself like, I want to laugh like this the rest of my life. Anyway, he starts asking me odd questions. There was one in particular that stood out to me. He asked me, “Do you remember the first time I told you I loved you?” Of course I answered yes, because that was one of the happiest days of my life, next to getting enough papa john points for a free pizza but that’s a different story. Anyway, he starts reenacting that particular day. I mean he is reciting everything that happened that day, from the movie we watched, to the food we ate, to him saying the first time he told me he loved me. And i’m just sitting there smiling, reminiscing, and clueless. But then, he switches the storyline up which catches my attention. He starts rambling saying, well I’m not going to tell you I love you today like I did the first time I said it. At that point i’m confused. I’m like ok does he not love me anymore, is it my cat pajamas? He starts to move off the bed, pulls out a black box, gets on one knee and says… “Instead of me telling you I love you, will you marry me?” Of course I cried, I couldn’t catch my breath. My best friend, the love of my life asked me to marry him. This was the last thing I was expecting. It just makes me feel so confident in our relationship. I wasn’t dressed up at all, I was just me. Awkward, no makeup, cat lover; me. It just shows that he obviously loves me for me and I couldn’t be more grateful for finding that kind of love. I can’t wait to do life with my best friend forever.

Fun Facts:

One thing they love to do together is lounging around the house. Ordering Chinese, cuddling up on the couch, and finding a good movie on Netflix is the ideal date night.

Before she decided to take this relationship to the next step, she had to make sure he loved food just as much as she did. Which he did. So, every Sunday they go to breakfast at Crackle Barrel and order the same meal every time. They have never missed a Sunday.

All in all, we did a mix of both studio and downtown shots in the (bitterly cold) weather. The cold didn't stop us and we had a ton of fun. I can't wait to capture their memories as they start their life, as husband & wife, together next month!!

The thing about this kind of real love is I can see these two at 70, enjoying each others company, at Cracker Barrel each Sunday!

So happy for these 2!

Engagement| Brooke & Jake

Classic Love story here...They met on tinder! 

It took a few weeks of talking online for Brooke to make sure he wasn't a stalker, craigslist killer,  or some weirdo. SO after playing a little hard to get, they ended up meeting in person for their first date...and the rest was history!


The sweetest proposal happened next. 

They were visiting Brooke's hometown on Grandview Drive which is a really pretty street that overlooks the city of Peoria and the river.

They were were on their way to meet some friends for lunch, but ended up getting a text from another friend who said their car broke down and needed a jump.

As they drive up there to find them, Jake pulls over and stops all of a sudden.


Her first response was "You're going to make them wait in the 90 degree weather while you stop?!"...Obviously, she was clueless. His response was something along the lines of, "maybe they're not actually broken down"... He came around and got her out of the car and popped the question right there at one of the beautiful lookout spots overlooking the city.

They even had a small audience of a family who was having a picnic nearby,who clapped and cheered for them!

She was crying and smiling sooo big. Meanwhile, he tried to put the ring on her right hand, lol! 

Their friends' car was obviously not broken down and he had them in on the whole thing!

I had a blast with these two love birds, in Tower Grove Park. They are both huge goof balls & made the session a lot of fun!!

Can't wait for their June wedding!  

fbDSC_9402 copy.jpg
Baby Anne Newborn Session | Belleville IL Newborn Pictures by LDT Photography

Introducing this sweet baby girl. I just love the meaning behind Anne, who was named after her great grandma (dad side), and grandma (mommas side) whose middle name is Annette.  They wanted to pay homage to both, which is so thoughtful! 

As the fourth baby, she has definitely completed her family in more ways than they could ever imagine! She gets to share her room with big sis, Ava and it's filled with turquoise and whimsical flowers. When I styled the session, I actually had no idea it would match their room so perfectly =)

I'm super sad I won't be able to photograph her the entire year, due to their family moving. Daddy's in the Air Force so it's time to move to another base. I can't wait to see her one more time for her 6 month Session though!!

 Ms Anne was 7 pounds 8 oz and 19.5 inches long! Isn't she gorgeous??!

Framed Trio with Torn Edge Fine Art Prints

Feature 3 of your favorite images in this custom framed trio!! The hand torn edges are one-of-a-kind and make your image really pop! 

Frames are locally sourced, so your support to both our small businesses means the world!!

Perfect to remember any milestone!! We could also design it to feature one favorite image from your newborn, sitter, and one year milestones!