What is a folio box?

The most common inquiry and question I hear is, “I just want the CD/USB," or “Could I have the digital files?” Everyone loves posting images online (yes, even I do!). So let’s explore this a little more. Sure you can get a USB of images, but then what? It will sit in your drawer for a year, until your mom hounds you enough for new pictures of the kids, then you’ll post a few to Facebook and maybe feel better. What if your session was 10 years ago and you relied on your MySpace account to save all your pictures? Whoops! (GUILTY!! =( ) We know technology constantly changes and we can't possibly rely on our kids scrolling back 20-30 years from now to see their baby pictures!

What makes LDT Photography different?

I specialize in custom experiences that are transformed to a gorgeous, handcrafted Folio Box for you. 

This beautifully handmade, customized box holds all of your matted prints from your session. You can display it on your coffee table, on a desk, on a sofa table, etc. The reason why I love this product is because you can use it in so many ways!

It's the perfect way to hold your prints, so you can preserve these memories for generations to come. 

It's also a versatile heirloom because you can also take out your matted prints and:

  • display them on a little easel
  • frame them and put them on the wall
  • gift them to family
  • switch out the prints for a different look from time to time
  • simply keep them in the beautiful box

They are the perfect size and hold up to 25 prints from your session. The amazing thing about these boxes is when your child grows up, they will have a tangible keepsake to look at. As technology rapidly changes, they could lose their entire childhood of memories ...if they sit on a CD or worse if they have to scroll through years of  social media posts to find a baby photo. 

I believe in providing a full experience to my clients. From planning your session to the final display of your images. I make it incredibly easy for you to enjoy your images right away!

Wouldn't this look amazing displayed in your home?! The best thing about it, besides it storing your images, is that you can change the one you display whenever you feel like it! There is a HUGE difference in quality, trust me.


Lindsey TylerLDT Photography